Friday, October 27, 2006

How will America vote on Nov 7th

From all polls that are being reported it appears that the Americans are leaning towards voting to reduce the support for the Bush Admistration in the house and senate for the next two years. It will be interesting to see if that really happens. I am suspecting that the results this year in the close contests will be challenged much more bitterly than the last two elections. I wouldnt at all be surprised if the actual results do not tally with exit polls. Yes, I am hinting that the current power crazed administration may be tempted to cheat in the elections a bit more boldly to retain power. The last thing they would want is a Democratic majority in either the house or senate or both starting up investigations on all the activity during the last 6 yrs. There has been enough smoke on the Deibold voting machines. We may see the fire this time....

What I can't understand in the polls is how can 36% of the voters still feel that President Bush is doing a Good or Excellent job. Dont they see any news or read the newspaper?

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