Sunday, April 06, 2008

All still the same...

Oh Boy, how time flies. I meant to become active posting something or other when I started this but it is now over an year since my last one. Oh well. Maybe this time around I will do better.
First, a quick look at the status of Iraq war and American political climate since the last time I commented on it. It appears that all optimism at that time was unfounded. Nothing much has changed in spite of the election results apparently sending warning signals to the war supporters. The same rhetoric is being uttered by the culprits who took America to war but the new legislature is walking around as if on a leash. :( . Too bad. Now, if the electorate changes the executive branch also (to either Clinton or Obama at this time) in the 08 elections and moves it left, can we hope for some progress in cleaning up the Iraq mess? Who knows. I am going to avoid predicting anything and just hope for the best.
Well, that's that. No more on this until something good does happen.
I will post something totally different soon.

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